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Elections in Quebec – Quebec rejects Mario’s divisive policies

When the recent elections were called in Quebec, the ruling minority PQ govt. was looking for a definite majority govt. to implement its divisive Quebec Charter of Values in the province. In the middle of the campaign the issue of Quebec’s sovereignty took the centre stage and that was precisely the time when the PQ started losing the ground. Every Canadian was watching these utmost crucial elections which could form the future of Quebec and Canada. Multiethnic and multicultural values have played a very pivotal role in shaping Canada as a country. Immigrants from the various parts of the world have contributed immensely to Canada’s social and economic fabric. Quebecers have invariably got it right and have booted out the dismal and divisive PQ minority govt. and have ensured that they do not go to the polls again in 18 months.
Quebecers just did not reject another independence referendum but in large numbers they have turned their backs on Mario’s govt. that threatened to turn Quebec into a hermit province. The Quebecers have resoundingly said “NO” to the policies of Mario’s PQ. Pauline Mario just could not read the pulse of the people after being in politics for more than 35 years. She had never dreamed of retiring from active politics after such an humiliating defeat of her ideas and policies. It was an epic misreading of the minds of the general Quebecer who does not want confrontation with Ottawa and is quite proud of the multiethnic and multicultural fabric of Quebec. He is more concerned about losing his job, unemployment and his survival. When last year she had forced to implement some divisive policies, every sane voice from Quebec had advised her against the implementation of the so called Quebec Charter of Values but she was adamant and did not budge from her ground. The fresh restrictions on English language were introduced and finally the Quebecers have handed her their judgment by rejecting her policies for all the times to come.

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