“Any violation of the Indus Waters Treaty by India would come with the risk of war and hostilities” -Sartaz Aziz- Pakistani advisor on Foreign Affairs

Reports that India is reviewing its position on the Indus Waters Treaty have evoked a strong response in Pakistan, where river waters form a lifeline for the country’s agricultural economy.  Headlines suggested that  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was planning to “steal” Pakistan’s waters and let the country run dry

Ongoing tension between India & Pakistan Mob vs Karan Johar: It’s a pity when citizens are forced to profess patriotism- Viju Cherian

India is a vibrant democracy that was built and continues to flourish by accommodating differing viewpoints and informed debate. India should not be defined by the limited spectrum of understanding professed by groups that rely on strong-arm tactics. It’s a pity when a citizen is forced to profess his/her love

India’s Surgical strikes against terrorists in POK US understands India’s anger but does not explicitly back surgical strikes- Sushil Aaron

President Obama’s special assistant Peter Lavoy said recently that he empathized with the perception that India should respond militarily to terror attacks. It is not clear if he explicitly backed surgical strikes against Pakistan, as some in India claim he did. But Islamabad got a firm reminder how close India-US