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People in Atlantic Provinces poke fun at Torontonians for snow

Winter just won’t seem to quit – at least not in southern Ontario. After what may have been the shortest Spring ever Sunday where people were walking around in shorts as temperatures hit 20 C, people living in the GTA woke up this morning to snow.
The mercury plummeted Monday night as an Arctic cold front swept through the region. The snow caused slippery roads, poor visibility and dangerous driving conditions. Highway 427 was closed for hours after this accident.
But on the plus side, Environment Canada says it won’t last long. “Winter’s victory will be only temporary, as temperatures will moderate back up closer to normal by the end of the week,” the agency says in a special weather statement.
“This is April, April is the cruelest month,” says Dave Phillips, senior climatologist at Environment Canada, to CTV News Channel. “It’s the month where you get winter wanting to hang on and summer wanting to get a foothold.”
Down in Chicago, the weather isn’t much better. It snowed across much of the Midwest last night and Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls feels pretty much the exact same way about the snow as most of us. In this video he starts talking about why he enjoys Spring and the playoffs saying the sun is coming out and it’s no longer snowing. Then a reporter breaks it to him that it’s snowing outside right now.
Meanwhile, many places in the Atlantic Provinces are seeing sun and warm temperatures. That guy who had trouble shovelling because the snow came up too high on his doorway isn’t having the same problem today. The high for St. John’s is 14 C and in Halifax it is 17 C. And some out there are having fun taking shots at Toronto for that.
In between southern Ontario and the Atlantic provinces, volunteers have spent the past few days preparing sandbags. Heavy rains have been flooding many areas in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec. Environment Canada says “the frozen ground has a reduced ability to absorb this rainfall.” The Moira River has flooded.
Because of the freezing and thawing, Spring is usually known as pothole season. Here are a couple major ones we found in Newfoundland and Winnipeg.

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