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Take care of your precious eyes

A pplying a line of kajal can help your face stand out even if you are not wearing makeup. However, applying kajal can cause a lot of issues, from eye allergies to serious infections, if not done properly. Remember to invest in a good kajal for best results. TOI offers some tips…
Check the manufacturing date of the kajal before you pick one. A dated one can cause irritation to your eyes.
Don’t apply kajal if you are already suffering from an eye allergy. It will harm your eyes and could lead to serious eye infections.
Never share your kajal with others. If someone else has an eye infection, it might affect you as well.
Don’t buy kajal from unauthorised vendors, even if they claim to have used natural ingredients. A lot of cases relating to such vendors have been reported in the recent past. Choose a good brand of kajal.
If you are using contact lens, then apply kajal after you wear your lens. If your eyes start watering, then immediately remove the kajal.
Always remember to remove your kajal before you hit the bed. Don’t just splash water, instead use
coconut oil or makeup remover.

How to prevent kajal from smudging

Follow these simple tips…

-Wash your face and pat it dry before applying the kajal.
-Apply an eye shadow after applying the kajal. This prevents it from smudging too much.
-Apply some face powder on the areas near your eyes. This helps absorb the moisture.
-Don’t touch your eyes or rub them after applying the kajal.
-If you have oily eyelids, wipe them with cotton buds at regular intervals.

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