Rote Learning: What is missing?- Kim Langen

The teacher in a school in China was teaching angles for the first time to grade 2 students. Teacher:  “Do you agree?”   All the students in unison: “Yes!” Teacher:  “It’s an angle.”  All the students in unison:  “An angle.” Teacher:  “An angle”.  All the students in unison:  “An angle.” Teacher:  “An angle. Understand?”   Students:

Top skin sins you commit everyday

Posted by Canasiantimes on March 20, 2014 in Beauty, Lifestyle | Comments Off From over exfoliating to using an unclean makeup kit, here are common bad skin habits that must be avoided. How often one skips washing our face at night due to a tired day? Or even buy older makeup

Take care of your precious eyes

A pplying a line of kajal can help your face stand out even if you are not wearing makeup. However, applying kajal can cause a lot of issues, from eye allergies to serious infections, if not done properly. Remember to invest in a good kajal for best results. TOI offers