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Yoga for constipation relieve, reproduction stimulate and spine strength- DrVirendra.K. Bharti

HealthThe last article was focussed on body type or constitution. It was explained in detail about how knowing body constitution could help in choosing right diet, knowing strength and weaknesses, anticipating diseases with prevention and relational betterment. It is actually happens because of imbalance in the five elements of the body known as fire, air, space, earth and water.
Dhanurasana or Bow pose stretches entire spine, face, arms, neck, shoulder, legs and stomach area. The name comes from the body shape as bow while in the posture. Dhanurasana (Bow) is made of two words Dhanur (Bow) and Asana (posture or pose). This posture combines Cobra and Locust pose explained in previous articles. Here is how to do it (technique), its benefits and precautions (contraindications).
1. Lie down on your belly with arms on the sides, feet hip-width apart and forehead resting gently on the mat.
2. Inhale, lift your head & lower legs and hold ankles by the hand.
3. Lift your chest and pull legs up.
4. Look straight, stretch and hold the pose mimicking body as bow.
5. Your belly button should be the centre of the gravity.
6. While exhaling bring the chest and legs to the floor.
7. Release legs and relax.
8. Repeat 3-4 times or to your capacity level in one session
1. Bow pose relieves constipation and strengthens abdominal muscles so it helps in many stomach related problems like digestion and appetite.
2. It stimulates the reproductive organs hence helps manage many health problems related to that like menstruation cycle, sperm count, urinary tract and other related issues.
3. It opens up the chest, neck, shoulder, legs and arms muscles giving them flexibility and relief from pain and sluggish/slow response.
4. Very good for the entire back by toning and strengthening it.
5. Very good for kidney (renal) related health problems.
6. This pose massages and tones up the pancreas hence very good for diabetes.
Precautions or contraindication:
Not recommended (or consult yoga teacher) in the prevailing condition of pregnancy, heart problems, blood pressure, neck injury, hernia, back pain, severe headache/migraine or abdominal surgery.
The author will not be responsible directly or indirectly for any kind of injury/problem because of practicing these techniques on your own. Please reach him at for Yoga/Ayurveda related products/questions or upcoming/ongoing Yoga Sessions. Yoga Canada works on volunteer basis and all their programs and events are organized without profit motive. The details could be found by visiting their website:

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